How Does Weather Impact NFL Games? 18 Factors Which Need To Be Considered

Football coaches, team owners, fans and pundits pay attention to the ways that weather can impact impact the outcome of a football game. Because I counsel many athletes, teams and coaches on ways to perform their best,I am very interested in the ways that winter conditions can impact football games and football players at the professional level. Most experts believe that a frozen field, snow and wind make it hard to for most teams to play to their potential.

However, some ideas which players and coaches believe need some more research to support them or to disprove them. For example, some believe that games played in winter conditions are lower scoring games. However, data reported by Brian Burke of NFL Stats indicate that winners in cold games may actually score slightly more points in cold weather games than in games played during the regular season. His data suggest that cold weather does significantly reduce the amount of points scored in these game cold weather games. In my view, there is a need for more research which will explore these questions and issues:

1. Does cold weather really produce more fumbles or turnovers?

2. Does winter weather produce more ufabet เว็บออนไลน์อันดับ1 interceptions?

3. Is running yardage reduced or increased when teams play in weather below twenty degrees?

4. Do players who grew up playing in cold temperatures have an advantage when they compete in these kinds of games?

5. What are the best kinds of shoes and gloves for winter weather play?

6. Does the average run per carry go up or down?

7. Do injuries go up significantly? If so what kind and what can be done to prevent the

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