How to Collect Signed Footballs

Nowadays, lots of people collect memorabilia for lots of different reasons. Years ago people would only collect as a form of hobby or pastime but it is a different story today. The memorabilia industry, especially the sports memorabilia is now a huge money making scheme and more and more people are collecting and selling as a way of increasing income. Of course there are still people who collect purely out of an interest in a specific field, but it can be hard to know where to start.

As mentioned before, the sports memorabilia industry is huge as the variety of collections available is vast. Collections can include memorabilia associated with a specific athlete, sport, sports team, and event or time period. If you are collecting memorabilia associated with football which is a very popular choice, then a signed football can be a very worthwhile addition to your collection. Some people even focus their entire collection on signed footballs. This short guide will help you to know how to get started สมัครเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet collecting signed footballs or how to add a piece to your already established collection.

Firstly it is important to select the era or team from which you want to collect. It may be that you are only interested in Manchester United for example, or you may want to follow a footballers career from team to team or you may even want to collect from a certain time period, for example 1960-70’s. Whatever you decide you must ensure that your choice is not too broad as this may affect the worth of your collection. If you are looking to add a signed football to your collection of sports memorabilia then you must look to your collection to make sure that this added piece will fit in with what you already have.

Once you have decided on the direction of your collection then you must make sure that the memorabilia you want to collect is authentic. If you are buying a signed football from a website or an online auction you must make sure that you can clearly see the autograph and that it is legitimate. Before purchasing you should make sure that the item comes with authentication documentation.

It is worth browsing through online auctions on a regular basis so that you can become accustomed to what is out there and price ranges. The more knowledge you have the less likely you are to be ripped off as unfortunately there are a lot of people out there passing off fake memorabilia as real and conning legitimate collectors into parting with their money.

Once you have your authentic signed football then you should create a storage space so that you can accumulate a significant number of them. You may need to clear a space in your house on a desk or bookshelf so that you can show off your collection in a display case.

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