Tennis Prediction – Who Will Be the World’s #1 Next Year?

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have administered the tennis world throughout the previous few years. Briefly, maybe Novak Djokovic was set to undermine both Nadal and Federer for one of the main two spots, however Djokovic has since chilled a little, and the Federer Nadal line lived on.

Nonetheless, ongoing forward leaps by Andy Murray and Juan Martin Del Potro, two extremely skilled youthful tennis players, have compromised the tennis administration as we’ve known it. tennis predictions Murray took advantage of the lucky break when Nadal went down with injury, grasping the number two positioning. For reasons unknown, Murray has won more matches in the lifetime series between Roger Federer and himself, so with some favorable luck, Murray generally has an opportunity to keep up with his position, or even better, catch the world’s main.

To convolute the image a smidgen more, Juan Martin Del Potro just polished off a heavenly run at the US Open that brought the 21 year old Argentine his very first huge homerun triumph. Del Potro is youthful, hazardous, and very skilled and propelled.

While he entered the US Open involving the world’s number six positioning, his success at the open shot him to a higher position. Another solid hammer appearing or two could without much of a stretch push him into one of the world’s best three positions, and at last a main a couple through the course of the year.

As may be obvious, the field is packed with talented contenders. Where it closes one year from now is impossible to say.

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