Ways Recession Can Be Good For Your Wallet

This recession can be good? No, I haven’t had too much to drink. But you may think so after reading that title. But give me a chance to explain and you’ll clearly see my point and benefit from it at the same time. On the surface the recession we’re now in can look like doom and gloom, especially if you’re a part of the mortgage, auto or construction industry. But the key word you should remember is the word market correction. History has proven that every so-called market correction has quietly produced a new crop of millionaires.

Yes, while the masses moaned and groaned a small segment of the population refused to participate, but instead looked for opportunities. They looked behind every hedge, under every rock, and behind every door until they found a niche. That simple idea that provide an unmet, overlooked or unfilled need others missed. You know that slap-your-forehead idea that makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?”

This principle goes all the way back to Old Testament Biblical days. Then instead of calling a recession a market correction, they called it a wealth transfer. This is where the playing field levels so-to-speak and a new crop of players can to move in – but only if they’re prepared.

The recession, market firstnewswallet correction or wealth transfer is where the first is made last and the last is made first. Not the complainers, not the worriers, not the something-for-nothing thinkers. But those who were alert to opportunity and took action saw increase during market corrections. If you can pull yourself away from the doom and gloom news reports and act on the following suggestions you’ll not only survive this recession – you’ll thrive.

Believe it or not scores of people are too busy quietly raking in barrels of cash to participate in this recession. As my wise grandma used to tell me, “Roy you can complain or you can make money but you can’t do both at the same time.”

Here’s 3 things opportunity minded people do to survive and come out of this recession on top. Now you can be a part of this elite group.

1. They Listen To People Whose Making Money In this Recession.

Despite the news reports you hear everyday about companies going under and laying off workers, here’s the good news. If you’ll do your own research you’ll discover not only businesses making money but new business spring up because of the recession.

2. They’re adaptable to change.

The people who survive and come out on top during a recession are the ones who are willing to adjust the quickest. Change always requires an adaptable spirit. If you’re slow to change or adapt the recession will crush you.

3. They look for niche opportunities while others complain.

One of the quickest ways to find money making opportunities is to listen to what people complain about and find a way to give them a solution. Another tip to finding niche opportunities during a recession is to notice what people don’t like to do and find a way to do it for them … for a fee of course. Most people would be happy to pay you to do something they hate, despise or loathe doing. Would you?

Yes, I hope reading this gave you new insights on how to not only survive but thrive during this recession. If you’ll follow these simple tips while others are complaining and worrying you’ll be too busy making money.

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